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[IP] Measuring pasta

 >>HOW DO YOU ALL MEASURE FOR CARBS IN PASTA??!  Please help me out on 
this one!  I realize that this probably sounds really stupid, but do you 
measure it in a measuring cup? Weigh it? and then how do you convert the 
measurement to know the dry measure.  I mean if the dry measure is 2oz., then 
how do you know how much it is in the cooked form?  Or vice versa.....Say he 
wants 1 1/2 cups of cooked pasta, but the box states a dry measure, how do I 
figure the carbs?<<

You could use the exchange list method as a starting point. One half cup 
cooked is approximately 15 grams CHO. Another method is to use a gram scale 
to weigh it. I think there is some info at the main pumper site about 
ordering  one. (I coul be wrong here, but someone else will chime in, I am 
sure. My question would be: Why would the label state an uncooked serving 
size? Who eats it uncooked? Two ounces uncooked should be close to 4 ounces 
cooked, or about 1/2 cup. It may be some trial and error here depending on 
whether you are serving elbows or gnochi.
Barbara B.  
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