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[IP] Cracking a frozen shoulder

I've had this, in both shoulders, separated by about 6 years. I was
fortunate to have a great pair of doctors to diagnose and treat it. The
surgeon was recommended by our university's athletic dept.: if you want to
find someone good, you might call your local athletic dept.

My first shoulder was so bad I couldn't lift my elbow higher than about four
inches below my shoulder. I decided it was real when I was up on a chair
trying to retrieve something from a shelf, my foot slipped, I grabbed for
support on the way down, and caught my arm atop a paper-towel dispenser
which yanked it upwards. I lay on the floor for ten minutes sobbing; then
decided I'd better get it taken care of.

What he did hasn't been mentioned here. He put me under general anesthetic,
then physically manipulated my arm and shoulder to break the adhesions! A
friend told me they used to do it without anesthetic, but only on Saturdays,
because then there weren't any other patients in the waiting room to hear
the screams! It only took a few minutes (he tells me: I was out longer, of

Afterward, I had to have my arm in a silly contraption to keep it elevated
(elbow level with shoulder) for a week or two, then a lot of PT. But it
worked fine. I can point straight up with one arm, and almost so with the

But stretching exercises at home are still necessary to keep it from
recurring (and I'm not as faithful as I should be). Not everyone will
probably need anything this drastic, but if your doctor recommends it,
consider giving it a try. It worked for me.

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