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Re: [IP] Re: Children and Shots/Pumping

In a message dated 5/21/99 4:45:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I don't want you to think this is an attack, it isn't.  Just 
 an opinion from a child who did these things and it made her
 feel more a part of the growing up with diabetes process.

Hi Sherry,
		Thanks for giving your insight on this.  I did not take your 
advice as an attack in any way but a wonderful glimpse into how my son 
probably feels.  I never thought of it the way you put it, about the parts he 
can control.  Basically, our attitude from the beginning has been to first 
TEACH him each task and basically support him in learning when he shows 
interest in any aspect of his care.  He's done his own blood tests since 
diagnosis at age 5, he was giving his own injections at age 6, and measuring 
up since age 7.  We all take his diabetes as a team effort and if he ever 
gets tired of a task we willingly take it back from him until he decides he's 
ready again.  I never want him to feel like he's alone in this and yet I 
never want him to feel like we're controlling him either.  The only part that 
scares me about the insertion is that we use the Silhouettes and we have to 
use a very shallow angle because he's so thin.  We basically at this point 
pinch up some skin and insert it in the side of where we pinch and go 
straight across.  Not too different from shots, I guess......hmmmmm, maybe 
we'll let him try the next insertion.  I certainly don't want to break our 
pattern of teamwork now, right?

	Thanks again for the advice and encouragement.  It was very helpful.
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