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Re: [IP] laser surgery

In a message dated 05/21/1999 8:55:27 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I thought I was pretty well-informed about the whole thing, but there's
 nothing like a little experience to wake you up! I woke up this morning,
 removed the patch on my eye, and--I was warned of this--because of the
 block probably still working on me, when I looked out of my left eye, it
 was not focusing right. It was like the room was turning on its side.
 And, of course, my peripheral vision was kind of screwy, but it seems to
 be clearing up as the day progresses. >>


I hope that by the time you read that things are fine and you no longer need 
the information.

Although my last laser was several years ago, the routine is still the same 
and I have gone through it many times.  I prefer having the block rather than 
enduring the "sting" of the laser.  It does have its drawbacks, you are 
experiencing one.  I have found that sometimes it takes a day or so for all 
of the anesthesia to leave.  Until it is gone you can't control your muscles 
to focus.  Even after it is gone it may take some work at starting at a fixed 
place until your eye gets the clue and starts to focus again.  If if lasts 
longer than 24-48 hours, call your opthamologist.

My vision always returned to normal.  I have lost some of my peripheral 
vision, but this has taken years to come about.

You have done the right thing, in the long run you will be much better off 
for going through this.  Lasers have saved my sight, I am sure of this.  


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