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Re: [IP] Mini-Med pump longevity

In a message dated 05/21/1999 10:16:49 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< My question has to do with longevity of the Mini-Med
 pump, mine in 2 yrs old now
 and has never needed anything except batteries, which by the way I buy at
 Marc's for $.99 each and
 have never gotten less than 1.5 monthes life out of a set.  Is there
 anything else I should be doing and
 how long have the other Mini-Med pumps been running without a major
 overhaul, if there is such a thing,
 and has anyone had Mini-Med done such.
 I have grown kinda attached to this thing and can't imagine life without it 


I've had the same 506 since Easter 1992.  Takes a lickin' and keeps on 

I had my last pump, a 504, for 3 years then it died.  I don't know how old it 
actually was because I think it was a loaner I decided to keep instead of 
getting my original back after sending it in for a problem.

In this case, instead of a rehaul, I just upgraded to the newer model.  
Rehauls are pretty expensive, if out of warranty, they charge $500 just to 
look at the pump.  I figured for a couple hundred more (my share) I could get 
a new improved model.  

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