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Re: [IP] Which pump?

Keith and all,

We too are getting our daughters pump in July.  The 22nd to be exact. Then 
endo's want to wait until after we get back from vacation also...bummer...we 
really would have loved the flexibility of the pump of vacation in Florida. 
The earliest we could have gotten set up was mid June and we leave for 
vacation less than 2 weeks later.  Anyway,  you said you have had both pumps 
to "play around" with, we are going to see both reps in the next 2 weeks and 
was just wondering what your input was...you can email me personally or 
through the list...we need to let the endo's know our choice in about 3 weeks 
and all the information I can get would be appreciated.

Saundra...mom to Rachel
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