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[IP] Re: Children and Shots/Pumping

I was following the thread on children with pumps and how 
much the child was contributing to the bolusing and 
insertion sites, etc.  I was diagnosed at age 4 and by age 5
was drawing up the amount of insulin I was supposed to take.
(Parents told me a number and I drew it up).  They would
double check and then inject.(I was too chicken to give 
them to myself until I turned 6). :)  When I was 7 I
was doing it all by myself.  

Then again times have changed.
I was on one shot a day of NPH until I was 8 and then one
shot of NPH and R until I was 12. (The doctor tried to put
me on NPH and R when I was diagnosed, but I only needed the
NPH. HA1Cs were between 6.5 and 7.5 then).  

But I am trailing from my point, better check my blood sugar. :)
Some children are very mature for their age and know a lot more
about their diabetes then you may think.  Especially if they 
have been a diabetic for a while.  For the woman whose son
wanted to try putting in an insertion site, why not let him
try.  If he was giving himself injections before, meaning he
was putting the needle in himself, then I don't see how it could
be anymore dangerous for him to put in a set.  Also, he might
miss having control over that process. For me it always hurts
less if I put it in, and if it hurts I only have me to blame. :)

I don't want you to think this is an attack, it isn't.  Just 
an opinion from a child who did these things and it made her
feel more a part of the growing up with diabetes process.

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Thanks.  Sherry Webb Nolan
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