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Re: [IP] Charcot's Foot

Recently, I had the same problem.  Stress fracture in my left foot but
don't know how it happened.
Regular x-rays usually don't find the fractures.  Had an MRI and had it
read by radiologists who see many lower
extremity films.  I am followed by a PODIATRIST by choice.  They see many
feet.  I was not wearing shoes in the house.
Now I always were shoes with good cushioning and support.  Have
computer-generated orthotics in my shoes.  Around the house, I wear a good
moccasin with a generic orthotic in them, called Superfeet.  Am doing fine.
This does not have to degerate into a cripple foot.  There are web sites
about Charcot but they will scare the hell out of you.  Just go with a good
foot specialist and get regular checkl-ups.


>I've been diagnosed with Charcot's Foot.  It apparently is in the early
>stages.  If there is anyone else out there who has this and would be willing
>to answer some questions about it, would you e-mail me privately?  Thanks.
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