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[IP] Driving Dazed

I have been reading the thread about the woman who found herself 
feeling dazed when driving. I don't know if this will help, but I 
will tell you about my personal experience.

I commute 40 minutes to work everyday, my route has very few stop 
signs, lights, etc, so it is a consistent 40 mph the whole way.  
I found myself feeling very dazed and having a lack of concentration 
on the road after about a 1/2 hour.  And many times I pulled over and 
tested my blood sugar and no patterns seemed to be apparent.  I found 
that the following things were what was causing it.

1. Hypnotic Driving Syndrome (my name, not a medical name): it has been 
   shown that driving on a road, primarily on highways or major roadways 
   can be somewhat hypnotizing.  The constant divider lines passing by
   was making me become dazed.  In my case it was taking about a 1/2
   hour to kick in.   The solution I found to this, going to work was
   taking a can of soda with me and drinking it in the car.  I know this
   sounds silly, but the fraction of a second it took me to pick up the
   can...my eyes were focusing on something else and keeping me from 
   getting hypnotized. Another solution is to check the rear view mirror
   few more times then you regularly do.

2. Another factor was I needed glasses.  I am slightly nearsighted and 
   being a software engineer has put my eyes close to a computer screen
   for most of the day.  Apparently it was enough to make me need
   for reading street signs and plates on cars more then 6 feet in front 
   of me.  It wasn't major enough that it effected my driving.  Things
   blurry just slightly out of reading range.  The problem was my eyes
   trying to focus even harder and it was physically draining to me. Any
   more then 40 minutes or longer made me feel very warn out.  Also
   the glasses it just made me feel slightly dazed because of my vision.

3. Thyroid levels, if you have hypothyroid have your levels checked
   you might not be on the right medication dosage.  If you don't have 
   hypothyroid trouble maybe you should ask your doctor to check for it.
   Often when mine are slightly off I feel very slowed down.

Hope this helps.
   -- Sherry
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