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[IP] Which pump?


I'm about to take the plunge (well, after I get back from vacation in July,
unfortunately, though I'd love to start before we leave) and get a pump.
I've seen a little about the two types here, but not a lot. I want to make
sure I get one that will be the best for me.

So: if anyone has had a _bad_ experience, or even a particularly _good_
experience with one or the other, could you email me? My local diabetes
health center (and we have a truly marvelous one in Reno) has loaned me
samples of both to "play around with" (their phrase), and I've developed a
definite preference (no, I won't tell you!), but want to make sure I've
exhausted all possible sources of information about them. I'd be interested
in ease of use, durability/reliability, and how well the company serves you
(and not necessarily in that order!). I'd be especially interested in
hearing from anyone who has found it necessary to switch from one to the
other, of course. But any info would be welcome.

Please email, and don't post here: no need to start flame wars in such a
great group! Thanks!

- --Keith Johnson
  email @ redacted
  Potential pumper
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