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[IP] Mini-Med pump longevity

I have not been able to keep up with the volume on this list even though it
has been extremely
helplful so far....  My question has to do with longevity of the Mini-Med
pump, mine in 2 yrs old now
and has never needed anything except batteries, which by the way I buy at
Marc's for $.99 each and
have never gotten less than 1.5 monthes life out of a set.  Is there
anything else I should be doing and
how long have the other Mini-Med pumps been running without a major
overhaul, if there is such a thing,
and has anyone had Mini-Med done such.
I have grown kinda attached to this thing and can't imagine life without it

Dave, 25 yrs Type 1 and 2 yrs pumpin'

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