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RE: [IP] Re: Frozen Shoulder

I have two frozen shoulders. The first one started about a 18 months ago, and the second about 6-8 months later.

I was not aware that apparently frozen shoulders have some relationship with diabetes. Not everyone with diabetes gets frozen shoulders, but it is often the case that someone who has a frozen shoulder will also have diabetes. Apparently it is also more common with those who have thyroid conditions.

I've gradually been able to improve the movement of both my arms by physical therapy and stretching exercises. It doesn't necessarily go away on its own, and I would certainly recommend at least some PT to try and improve the condition some.

BTW, one physical therapist I worked with said that a lot of women with frozen shoulders are diagnosed in the spring. She thought it was because that's when a lot of women start spring cleaning. The first time they raise up their arms, they realize they have a problem.

Pumpers, on the count of three start lifting those arms and checking now!

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