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Why we're PRO Pump (was)Re: [IP] Re: Frozen Shoulder

   Excellent advice you've offered to Barb (not Erica's mom) for persevering 
with pump therapy.  Your analogy about driving a car in particular was an 
excellent one. I also like to tell people that when the pump ISN'T working, 
it's as frustrating & upsetting as it ever was on MDI...BUT when it DOES work 
( which is the vast majority of the time), it's soooooo liberating.
    I attended a corporate "kick-off" breakfast today for our Phila. chapter 
of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation's Walk to Cure Diabetes in the fall. Two 
teenaged girls spoke about their personal stories & what was particularly 
poignant was hearing one of them say how getting her pump (3 yrs ago) had 
given her back a lot of her life style that had been "lost" when she was 
diagnosed......i.e. the ability to run, go, do, eat, sleep, etc. on a more 
normalized teenaged schedule. 
      For us, the fact that the pump provides our daughter with that same 
ability to be as flexible as possible,  with a chronic illness that demands 
daily attention, far outweighs any disadvantages.....

Regards, Renee ( pump-coach mom to 16 yr old Melissa)
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