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[IP] Continuous glucose monitor

 I just had my 6 mo checkup with my endo, and we discussed the status of
the Minimed implanted glucose sensor.  He's one of the physicians involved
with clinical testing of this unit.  The bottom line is that it is not
ready for prime time just yet.  There are some very positive results in a
few individuals, but It just hasn't been adequately tested yet.  The
current device is the size of a pump with a subcutaneous line, also like a
pump.   There are plans for some inpatient studies getting underway.   My
interpretation of this is that it will be a long time before this device
will be available, if at all.   Minimed still would like to restrict its
use to  low BG and high alarms.    As they said 20 years ago, the
continuous BG monitor is "just around the corner."  Unfortunately "they"
didn't tell us just how long the block was :-)

* Wayne *

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