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[IP] Erica

Aha! Barb, you just said Erica was almost 11 -- I BETCHA the hormones
are starting to kick in!!!

The female hormones start to work about 2 years before the first
menstrual period -- if she's starting to adolesce now, it would mean her
first period around age 13 -- which is just about right. 

In the beginning, the hormones are very erratic -- they don't really
settle down into a predictable cycle for years. So a lot of adolescent
DMers really can't predict BGs which are responding to unpredictable

I think it is important for Erica to know that these things happen
during adolescence, and that you will just roll with the punches and do
your best, and it's NOT a reason to give up the pump -- she'd probably
have an even HARDER time on shots!

Just you guys hang in there, OK???

Smiles and hugs,
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