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[IP] laser surgery

Well, I had my firstt retinopathy laser surgery for my left eye
yesterday. It went okay, I guess. I go back in two weeks for the second
blast in the same eye. The doctor did a block on my eye to numb it; it
also prevented me from seeing out of the eye so that the lasers wouldn't
hurt--which they didn't. The doctor then patched my eye and sent me on
my way. By the way, my blood sugars screeched from 102 at lunch to 300
right before the procedure, and refused to come down for about five
hours after, no matter how often I bolused. (I changed my pump cartridge
and infusion set, just to be sure it wasn't the pump. I was fine by

But the reason why I'm posting this is that I need your support to get
through this--especially those of you who have been through it recently.
I thought I was pretty well-informed about the whole thing, but there's
nothing like a little experience to wake you up! I woke up this morning,
removed the patch on my eye, and--I was warned of this--because of the
block probably still working on me, when I looked out of my left eye, it
was not focusing right. It was like the room was turning on its side.
And, of course, my peripheral vision was kind of screwy, but it seems to
be clearing up as the day progresses.

My emotions are telling me, "I could see fine before the surgery, but
now I have to put up with THIS?"  while my common sense tells me this
will hopefully prevent further problems, that this is a good thing, and
that I can deal with it. My body just wants to sleep so that I can
escape the fear for a while.

Anyway, I need words of comfort, because this is terrifying to me.  I
don't want to scare my boyfriend any more than I have to about this, so
you folks get to hear it. I think I need to be a little more patient
about letting my eye clear up, but I can stand it more if you guys can
help me out. Thanks.

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