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[IP] insulin pumps

On Thursday, May 20, Ashley wrote:
<<But I have heard things about both brands of the 
pump.  Is there much of a difference, if anyone knows or has an opinion
either pump I sure would like to know.>>

I started on a Disetronic pump in February 1999. I was lucky enough to
look at the two pumps side by side and compare their features before I

Everyone's different, so if you can do the comparing side by side (is
there a local pumper's group that you could meet with?) you'll have a
better understanding of what you want. For me, it was a combination of
things. I didn't care for the loud clicking sound the MiniMed pump made
while bolusing, but that's not really a big deal. The illuminated screen
is a nice feature, but for me unnecessary. And for some reason, my
insurance company was more, oh...how shall I say it... flexible with my
getting the MiniMed pump as far as cost was concerned, because MiniMed
was considered a PPO provider, while Disetronic was not.

However, I still went with the Disetronic pump. I like that I could hear
a beep while bolusing, and when I'm finished telling the pump how many
units for the bolus, the pump repeats the number of beeps back to me. I
can also see the bolus amount on the screen, as you can with the
MiniMed. To me, the Disetronic is much quieter mechanically. I like that
the Disetronic is waterproof. I like their customer service. As a
designer, I felt more comfortable with the Disetronic's programming,
although I'm sure both pumps are equally simple to use.

Everyone's different, like I said, and we all probably think we have the
best brand of pump. But really, they're both excellent pumps and get the
job done. It really is a personal preference, so do some comparison

Good Luck,
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