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Re: [IP] Are You Wondering If You Should Pump?

Brian and Barb 

I agree with both of you.  What Brian said about changing the lives
of the pumpers and the parents is also VERY true.  

Being able to give our kids the new way of life and living well
with diabetes is just a gift.

Within a week of our son getting the pump I pulled up in from of the
house and he was standing in the front door waiting for me eating an
apple with a HUGE smile on his face.  It was just so emotional to be
able to see the change that it makes for your kids.  He was 12 at the
time and gave him the freedom to do things with his friends that he
never had before.  And to be able to eat what and when he wanted was
just great!!

Unless you are in this position you would probably think that anyone
saying something like watching your child eat an apple was emotional
was right off the wall but the little things that others take for
granted are so precious to us.

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