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[IP] Are You Wondering If You Should Pump?

Please remember that I am writing this from one perspective only, ours.
I noticed a posting about a woman who has been reading the negative
things on the digest and had to respond.  I think her name was Barb too.

I have a daughter, almost 11, who has been on the pump since March
17th.  The first two months, minus a few glitches, were fantastic.
Lately, we have been having some problems with high blood sugars that
more and more seem to be related to site deterioration.  We are still
working on it, and although it is frustrating and has taken the wind out
of our sails, we will do EVERYTHING in our power to keep pumping.
My little girl has been through a lot the past week, but would she give
up the pump...NO!  That is one of her fears. Everything had been so
terrific that we were all in a sort of dreamworld 95% of the time.  Even
when things were going so well, we had some little problems. They were
easily remedied, forgotten boluses, a site that went bad because we had
inserted it too deeply.  These are things that get better with time and
practise.   The good thing about the pump is that it offers so many ways
to fix things.  Yes, it can frustrate you at times, but with problem
solving, you can overcome  most everything.  We had 7 years of
injections and swinging sugars that we couldn't get control of, plus the
time & food constraints, and 2 1/2 months of pumping......there is no
comparison in my opinion.
We are lucky to have this site to turn to.  So many ideas and supportive
people.  Yes, there CAN BE problems, and you will see them posted here.
Some have more than others, most, I think have remedied them and are
happily pumping.  There are a lot of new pumpers here, and it is a
wonderful learning site where you can  turn to others in times of
need.    With everything, you can take all the information you can get,
but you still have to find your own way.  People can give you the
batteries, but you have to supply the flashlight.:-)
Our endo, who originally was against putting our daughter on the pump is
now supporting us and is working with me to overcome this bump in the
road.  She has even agreed to trying things that GULP...I read on the
internet!    She saw those wonderful sugars I would e-mail in and they
were wowed by them.  What she couldn't see, but I tried to describe,
was the joy in my daughter's face from the freedom it gave her.  She was
like someone let out of prison.  That is why we will ask for help, until
we find the answer to our problem, but it is up to us to gather facts
and information and use them to solve our own riddle.
If you are in a position to try pumping and aren't sure if it is for
you, see if it is possible to get a free trial period.  We are on a 5
month trial period, and entered it with the agreement that if the pump
was not beneficial to Erica's emotional and physical well being, we
would dump it.  Even with what she has gone through with the higher
sugars, and multiple site changes recently, she is still HAPPIER and
HEALTHIER.  That is what is important to me and I will do anything I can
to keep her that way.  I don't even want to think what would happen if
Erica had to do without that wonderful piece of technology.
Erica went from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly that is free...I
want to keep her that way, for a long, long. long time.

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