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[IP] Re: Endocrinologists

A while back my insurance dropped my endo who I had been seeing for 
years... I tried a few others - but they were completely unwilling to 
*listen* to me and to work with me.  I would make notes about what was 
going on so I wouldn't forget something during the appt - one doc was 
just like "tell me, I don't have time to read that."  HELLO!  I had an 
A1c of 10.1 and he didn't have the time!!!

My primary care physician admitted that he didn't know as much about it, 
but he was a *wonderful* doctor and I still love him dearly.  Seeing him 
and a CDE and getting the time/attention I needed was much better than 
seeing a shitty endo... 

Whatever works for you is best - my doc was the type to admit it if he 
didn't know the answer and would consult others... that would be my only 
consideration in choosing not to see an endo.  Nurses are much more in 
step with the day to day control of bg levels - I always call my *nurse* 
when I need advice on insulin basal rates/etc, and NOT my doctor despite 
how wonderful he is! 

(My insurance recently re-added my endo to their coverage)

Susan, who cut a hole in an IV3000 and still has a working sil in and 
praying it'll last... (thanks for the advice)
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