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[IP] Start Kit

Dear Pumpers & Friends,
    Today is my birthday and the day I was told that I had diabetes 22yrs.
ago. I got lucky 20yrs ago then my Doctor told me about this new way to get
insulin by a thing called a insulin pump. I was reading some old notes from
back then about what a new pumper need to know about, I have updated some of
it. Remember most of the things you use, you need to check with your Doctor
to see if  it is right for you.
    1.Dial soap-wash your hands!!!!!
    2.Extension set-can be use if infusion set is to short or if you wait to
put it in your sox.
    3.Sharps Container-B-D makes a nice one for home use #323487
    4.Alcohol swabs-you can't have to many
    5.Skin-Prep- Puts protective barrier between skin & tape made by Smith &
Nephew #420400
    6.I.V. Prep-antiseptic germicide swabs, if you have a problem with
infection it can help. Made by S&N #4210-00 NDC 50484-210-00
    7.Betadine Solution swab-good antiseptic-germicide pads. Watch it can
stain clothes. If you don't wipes it off skin it leaves a barrier on skin,
helps hold dressing down.NDC 0034-2135-80
    8.Hibiclens skin cleanser-I use it to clean site with it in the shower.
Made by Zeneca NDC 0310-0575-16
    9.Hibistat pads-germicidal hand wipe if I need to clean my hands and no
water around. Made by Stuart Pharmaceuticals. NDC 0038-0587-17
    10.Neosporin ointment-I use it on sites that are sore or just don't look
right to me once I've removed infusion set. Check with MD about what is the
best ointment for you.
    11.Uni-Solve-adhesive remover Made by S & N #402300
    12.Eucerin cream-I put a little on old sites help skin not to be so dry.
NDC 10356-090-01
    13.Fingers skin cream-just the thing for your sore fingers on the15
blood test today. Made by Can-Am care corp.
    14.Tegaderm- good dressing Made by 3M, Tegaderm HP holds better when it
gets wet or hot out, Opsite IV3000-good dressing Made by S&N
    15.Hypafix retention sheet-I use it to hold down ten/sil/com & rapids.
You need to cut it to size, it come in a roll. Made by S&N #4209
    16.Insulin Syringe-If you have a high blood sugar and need to get down
use it take a shot , then work on finding out if you have a problem with
pump or infusion set.
    17.Ketostix Foiled wrapped strips-blood sugars high check!! Made by
Bayer #2640
    18.Glucose tablets-better than candy
    19.Glucagon Emergency Kit-Get one read it then show someone how and when
to use it. Had your MD write a note for you about when and how to use it.
    20.B-D Safe-Clip-I have one with me in my meter kit, if I travel I can
cut off needles & sharps with it.
    21.ER KIT-I had made up a kit for work & school & my car and a big one
at home in it I have everything I need to take care of myself. Blood Sugar
Kit -meter, strips, lancets, glucose tablets, Glucagon ER kit with doc's
note. Pump kit- infusion set ie..tender, rapid,classic infusion set,
dressing tegadrem , and cut Hypafix, batteries, syringe cartrige set.
Insulin syringe, alcohol,hibistat pads, Skin-prep pads, betadine
pads,Uni-solve pads. Money about $3. in coins to make a call with or get
food if I need it. And a note from my doctor about me, my pump and all my
meds I take and why.My card is in every kit with my name, address, phone &
who to call if I have a problem. Insulin and other meds I take for one or
two days is in every kit . In home one everything for two weeks. As I watch
the storm  on TV tonight I remember to check home kit, if I need to go I can
go fast.
      Remember to check with you MD about using things, about letters they
need to write for you. Set up a plan of action now before you need it.
REMEMBER TO SMILE & BE HAPPY................................


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