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Re: [IP] skin prep

i don't mean to sound like a total dummy, but what do you mean when you say
it forms a "barrier" between the skin and the tape?  the prep i use has
adhesive properties in it...it's sticky after it dries and hels the tape
stick better.  is this what you mean?  it is a huge pain to take off though.
if anybody has suggestions on how to alleviate that i would appreciate it.


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From: Mary Jean Renstrom <email @ redacted>
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Date: Thursday, May 20, 1999 8:01 PM
Subject: [IP] skin prep

>>> I use a skin barrier by Smith + Nephew called Skin Prep that creates
>>> a barrier between the skin and any tape. I let it dry then insert a
>>> SofSet and whatever tape they send with that.  I have not had any
>>> itchies or welts.
>>> Lot's of products have the same name (I don't know how they can do
>>> this!).
>>Please send me the exact name and part number from the box. One of
>>our ip-developers is working on a FAQ about this subject and the
>>preps used need to be listed 'exactly'.
>I have a box of this.  The exact name is "Skin-Prep" by Smith + Nephew.
>The number on the box is #4204-00.  There is also and HCFA # A5119.
>A box of 50 cost me about $10.50 two years ago.   There is a "sub-title" on
>the box -- "Protective Barrier Wipes".
>The box says they are:
>- Effective topical barrier between skin and tape
>- Helps tape and film adhesion
>- Non-irritating
>There is an 800# for customer service: 1-800-876-1261.
>Mary Jean
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