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Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic (which should I use?)

email @ redacted wrote:
  But I have heard things about both brands of the
> pump.  Is there much of a difference, if anyone knows or has an opinion about
> either pump I sure would like to know.  

The differences are minor, and whichever one is best serviced in your
area is 
likely more important than the particular bells and whistles each comes
I use MiniMeds (a 506 for 5 years, now a 507c) based on my endo's
contact with a
supplier in town plus the fact that I never got a return call from the 
Disetronics rep. This was TOTALLY incidental to my area, and may be
in yours. 

Unless you swim often while needing insulin (when it may not be
since most of us burn a LOT of glucose swimming) the differences may not
really matter. MiniMed's Dual bolus feature is useful for some, but
doesn't seem to matter to most here, besides which you can get that
on a Disetronics with a bit of minor tweaking. The backlit screen is
also nice,
but I haven't really used it yet (since Feb), so it may not matter too
much either.

BOTH brands beat taking shots all the time.

Maybe my endo will tell me which one
> would be best for me, but just thought I'd ask you all what you thought!

Yes, sometimes endos are much more used to 1 or the other, but should
allow you
the option of choice. YOU'LL wear and use it, not them......

Good luck with it, anyway.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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