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Re: [IP] frozen shoulder

At 02:53 PM 5/20/1999  Lisa Horstman wrote:
 >Eventually it  becomes a
 >cause-and-effect kind of thing; it hurts to move your arm/shoulder
 >around, so you don't move it around as much. This leads to your shoulder
 >kind of "freezing up."

You are right about that... doing as much stretching as possible really 
helps. I have a few small dumbbell weights (2-5 pounds). Using the weights 
helps a lot too. Yes, it hurts, but it does get better if you exercise and 
keep stretching the sore arm. If you do nothing it may only get worse.

Just a side note: this is just the opposite of what you want to do if you 
have trigger finger. I've had both trigger finger and frozen shoulder. With 
trigger finger constantly moving it can make things worse, because it 
irritates the inflamed tendons even more. You want to immobilize trigger 
finger (they sell plastic gizmos in the drug store that'll help you do this).


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