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[IP] What an Endo! Erica's:-)

Okay, I know have been crowding the postings lately, as things have been
a little wingy, but I just had to tell you all this.

My endo, who initially was not too keen about putting Erica on the pump
is now open to any and all suggestions about getting these swinging
sugars under control.  Would you believe she told me that she had some
patients MIX INSULIN!!  Mind you, she uses a 50/50 mix, and it is for
people who have a problem with Humalog hitting them too quickly, but I
was so happy to hear that.  Then, I mentioned that I have been in
contact with people who consistently use mixes of 5H:1V (in our case it
would have to be 5H:1R) and find that it extends the length of time a
site is viable.  She said we would work on other things first to rule
them out, then if it a site problem she is comfortable with me trying
that.  She said we would have nothing to lose.  Isn't that refreshing!
I feel so much better now.

Just another two cents worth, I think I am quickly approaching the $1
Thanks for listening
Barb...Erica's mom

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