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[IP] frozen shoulder

To those of you who asked what frozen shoulder is and how it's treated,
I can give you firsthand knowledge! A couple of years ago my right
shoulder felt like it had tendonitis in it. I had a hard time reaching
for things up high without pain in my shoulder, had discomfort when I
pulled my arm behind my back, etc. Eventually it  becomes a
cause-and-effect kind of thing; it hurts to move your arm/shoulder
around, so you don't move it around as much. This leads to your shoulder
kind of "freezing up." 

I got rid of mine by doing two things: I started taking Hatha yoga,
which emphasizes controlled breathing and stretchng, and I took physical
therapy treatments, where the therapist worked my shoulder joints, used
ultrasound, and worked out a series of stretches for me to do at home.
Combining this with light weightlifting exercises took care of the
frozen shoulder within 3 months, without the dreaded cortisone shots. 

Good luck!
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