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Re: [IP] Adhesive Reactions! :(

In a message dated 05/19/1999 10:54:14 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< > I developed the same reaction to Bioclusive (as with Tegaderm, OpSite, 
 > old SofSet tapes as well as most plastic or cloth tapes I used).  Yes, 
 > have stopped pumping because of this, sorry to say.    Don't give up 
 > you have lot's of different preparations to try!
 So what are you using now??? 

I use a skin barrier by Smith + Nephew called Skin Prep that creates a 
barrier between the skin and any tape. I let it dry then insert a SofSet and 
whatever tape they send with that.  I have not had any itchies or welts.

Lot's of products have the same name (I don't know how they can do this!).  
This is not the same type of skin prep that Ruth has mentioned nor is it an 
IV prep.  Like she said, things like Betadine and Hiberclens can cause 
irritation when left under tape.  

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