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[IP] Mixing Insulins..Mother In Need Again!!

I am bracing myself for the fact that Erica may need to start mixing
insulins, or just changing to Regular.  I put fresh insulin in her pump
yesterday, which did seem to help as her fasting sugars for 12 hours
after doing that were nothing short of fantastic, but the bottom fell
out (or up in this case) this afternoon when the sugars were in the low
So, if nothing else works, I will be in the position where I will have
to mix.
I received a  few e'mails from people who mixed and found it extended
their sites, but velosulin isn't available in Canada, as far as I know.
So, are any of you using a H&Regular mix?.  How does it work for you?
Those with children on it, what type of ratios do you use?

This is such a bummer, after a few months of virtual bliss and minor
glitches.  Thanks to all of you who have offered words of encouragement
and suggestions.  I feel better now, and know we will figure out
something eventually, but with a time constraint on us it sure puts the
pressure on.  Our endo has to give a positive letter about the pump to
our insurers by the end of August or we are out of luck.  I am awaiting
a call from her now....gulp....interesting to see what she will have to

Thanks pumpers
Barb....Erica's mom...who is hoping this is some sort of puberty thing.

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