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[IP] Insurance

wait months for reimbursement on test strips. 

I found a way to work around this with my insurance.    I use the Accu-Check 
Complete as my main meter.  I order test strips thru MiniMed when I order my 
3 months worth of supplies.  Being that my insurance pays 85%, me 15%, I send 
MiniMed my 15% and MiniMed bills my insurance directly.  I get 3 months worth 
of test strips saving myself trips to the drugstore and no misplaced 
receipts.  Even through the Accu-Chek test strips were listed on the 'Mail 
Order Drug Listing' with my insurance, for some reason I was unable to get 
them, so came up with this method..where there's a will, there's a way.  
Joanne Mc
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