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Re: [IP] Re: Frozen Shoulder

I have also had the frozen shoulder.  
I found out when I slipped on some ice caught myself, but boy did I feel
it in my shoulder.  That sudden arm action gets your attention quick. not
knowing at the time what it was I went to 2 different Dr.s who said the
same thing.    Best thing to do- slow stretches- warmth of the shower
helps while stretching.  It did take some months but alls normal again!  
 The Dr. said this does happen more in diabetics and chances of happening
in the other shoulder but probably no more after that, as a woman I tend
to have weaker shoulders, but you bet after that I stretch them more now.
    My .02      Rosie    DM 8 yrs. 

>> Could you tell me what frozen shoulder feels like and what you did
>> to correct it.  At times, my arm pains to reach, especially over my
>> head.  Could this be something like frozen shoulder, or is it only
>> in the shoulder?

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