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[IP] marilyn-- my insurance

I had University of Michigan's MCare insurance which doesn't BUY pumps--
they contract with a home infusion company "Home Med" (HORRIBLE COMPANY)
to LEASE pumps to diabetics and then when the infusion therapy is "over" (as
they take the pump back.  Not only that, they give out USED PUMPS which are
owned not by Minimed, but by a Massachusetts company "Medical Specialties"
who inspect the pumps themselves, don't give them back to Minimed.  SO
essentially these companies are buying pumps, making monthly rental money
off it, and not
providing any kind of training -- my trainer from home Med knew nothing
diabetes or pumps; her specialty was chemotherapy and she totally screwed up
my training.  Luckily I graduated, got a job, and have Aetna insurance now
even though my co-pay for my new pump was $1,000 at least I have a pump now
that's *mine*.


<< I just got my replacement 507C in the
 mail (my old insurance company took my pump away when I moved!) and
 rethinking and testing new basal rates is a good motivation. >>

>Would you explain this a bit better please?  What sort of insurance did you


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