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Re: [IP] What Are the Signs That Your Insulin May Have Had The Biscuit? NEED ...

No Marilyn, 3 weeks at less than 80 degrees F will not cause any problems
with insulin potency.  Pre-pump, I used to go two months on an H bottle at
room temp.  Potential problems with loss of potency can occur just because
the pump is so close to the body.  If someone sleeps on the pump, then the
question is what happens to the insulin at 98 degrees for 8 hours.    But
not to worry at room temp.

<<<OK folks, I need some advice...
When I need a new bottle of insulin, I take one out of the fridge.  I keep
the bottle with my other pump supplies in an upstairs hall closet.  I use a
bottle every 3 weeks.  The house is never warmer than 80 degrees inside (I
like air-conditioning).
When I was using Velosulin I didn't have any problems.  Do I need to change
my routine now that I am using Humalog?

* Wayne *

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