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[IP] Susan

Susan wrote:
I have ONE SIL in my possession and I've n
inserted one before... how's that for pressure?  (THANKFULLY, 
hi Susan
Hope you managed OK with the Sil!
I had a similar thing last night. I was down to one Sofset and needed
to change the site (problems with getting my supplies from the
clinic). When I looked at the needle on the last OSofset, it was
completely bent. I had a feeling if I used the Sofserter it might
wreck it completely, so I tried to put ti in by hand. It bent even
more. I straightened it out again and decided to use the Sofserter. I
really didn't want to go back to shots through the night (although I
knew there were some SIls waiting for me at the Post Office). Luckily
it was fine, although I don't think this site will last very long as
there's no way the cannula can be dead straight.

It's all very well being prepared and not running out of supplies but
sometimes things are beyond your control.


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