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[IP] re:Erica and Barb

Susan wrote:
>after about two weeks I needed to inc
rease my 
basals and retest them.  My body tends to "hold on tight" to t
hose NPH, 
U, L insulin stores... My CDE said it is very common to experi
ence a rise 
in basals after a few days OR weeks.  It is like I am finally 
clean of 
all insulin except the pump humalog... My basal was at .4, and
 went to .6 
which 150% of what it was!  

I found exactly the same thing. It took a week to get all the
Insulatard out of my system.
I started off on 0.8 units at night and had perfect BGs.
Now my dose has increased by a total of 3 units over the whole night, and my
daytime basals have also increased by a total of 2.5 units.
i find it quite scary to think how much Insulatard was in my system
for me to need that much less insulin for a whole week!

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