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Re: [IP] Re: Frozen Shoulder

At 03:09 PM 5/19/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Hi Keith,
 >Could you tell me what frozen shoulder feels like and what you did to 
 >it.  At times, my arm pains to reach, especially over my head.  Could 
this be
 >something like frozen shoulder, or is it only in the shoulder?

It sure sounds like it... a couple of years ago I had it in my left 
shoulder. I had some physical therapy and it's gradually gotten better. Now 
it's in my right side (and I'm very right handed... arrrgghh!!) You have a 
reduced range of motion and quite severe pain if you exceed certain 
limits... especially if you make a rapid motion. Just taking a tee-shirt 
off can be extremely painful. I tried pulling a cord to start a motor a few 
weeks ago and thought I was going to die... very painful. I keep stretching 
it and it is very gradually getting better. Not fun. (Another one of those 
joyous things that us diabetics are more prone to getting).

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