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Re: [IP] What Are the Signs That Your Insulin May Have Had TheBiscuit? NEED ...

email @ redacted wrote:
> OK folks, I need some advice...
> When I need a new bottle of insulin, I take one out of the fridge.  I keep
> the bottle with my other pump supplies in an upstairs hall closet.  I use a
> bottle every 3 weeks.  The house is never warmer than 80 degrees inside (I
> like air-conditioning).
> When I was using Velosulin I didn't have any problems.  Do I need to change
> my routine now that I am using Humalog?

First thing that comes to mind is do you ever have any problems with
Humalog strength? Apparently not, from what you say. I don't know for
sure, but 
have been speculating that this is caused by temperatures above what you
live in, and possibly some specific difference between diabetics. Can't
see how YMMV fits here, but it affects so much else.....

Anyway, if it ain't broke, why fix it? I think the problem I was
commenting on
was because the Humalog had been exposed to higher temperatures several
possibly a lot higher than anyone appreciated at the time(s). May well
be that
fast changes in temp play more of a part than the actual high temp

I used to have problems with my Humalog breaking down while it was IN my
but was also subjecting it to high temp spikes every day or 2 at work.
may be something like a friend of mine told me about tooth decay. He
a lot of it is caused by people eating/drinking cold items followed
by hot coffee or whatever. The fast cycle causes expansion/contraction
crack the tooth enamel, leading to total breakdown at a younger age. He
lets his mouth settle down between hot and cold items, and has MUCH
better teeth 
than I do..... Of course he wasn't a diabetiic at the time, though he is
and that may have had a lot to do with it too.

Let's see, what WAS the subject here.....

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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