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[IP] Life Insurance - Morals and Ethincs or lack of!

Wow, I am amazed at the post from email @ redacted  What happened to
morals and ethics.  No one on the list can argue that as diabetics we
are a higher risk to the Life Insurance Industry, we read about the
health problems that face us every evening on this list.   I recently
applied for coverage through my broker and got many quotes.  Was it
higher than my wifes insurance, sure, but I expected that.  There are
companies/brokers that advertise specifically for those that have
Diabetes...see pg 79 March/April edition of "Diabetes Self-Management",
FirstQuote....800 344 7163.

I am no lover of Insurance companies, but, they provide a service I need
and I accept that my personal situation may be cause for higher rates.

Just my 02 cents.

Craig Crease
Diabetic for 28 of my 36 yrs, father of 28 mos old Emily diagnosed at

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