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Re: [IP] insurance

Lisa Horstman wrote:
> On Tue, 18 May 1999 18:44:09 -0700, Ruth Elowitz wrote:
> >>Health insurance is a major issue so perhaps we all need to 
become more active advocates for universal (of whatever kind) 
health care or insurance.<<
> Boy, I can't agree more. The company I work for switched insurance
> plans; now I have to wait months for reimbursement on test strips. Is
> someone saying, "We want you to be healthy, but not THAT healthy"?

Are you saying they are denying coverage under a "pre-existing
clause, or just real slow to pay you back? If the former, they can't do 
that if you were formerly covered by somebody else and had continous 
coverage. If the latter, I'd offer to charge them interest on the
unpaid, probably 23.9% like some credit cards charge.

Ted Quick
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