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Re: [IP] Re:Excercise

Gary and others,  
It is very amusing to me how different everyone is when it comes to exercise. 
 I have run mostly 5k or 8k in the past two years.  I always eat something 
before the race (half bagel or peanut butter on bread), take half the normal 
Humalog bolus, run, then after the run, take 2 units.  I could temporarily 
increase the basal while I'm running, but I check my bg after running just to 
make sure its ok.  It usually is and then I take 2 units to cover that rise 
that comes 2 hours after running.  I, unlike many others, have a rise in my 
bg after exercise and then a big drop the next morning.  It is all very 
strange, but exercise keeps me on my toes.  Just when you think you've 
figured it out, something new happens.  
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