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Re: [IP] What Are the Signs That Your Insulin May Have Had The Biscuit? NEED HELP!!

Duck And Barb wrote:
> Her insulin has been in use for just over a month now.  It has gone from
> fridge to countertop (to warm up), and has been unrefridgerated for up
> to 3 days at a time when travelling.  I have been battling high sugars
> more over the past 5 days then over the previous 50! 

I suspect the Humalog has lost strength as a result of the days it was 
unrefigerated. The effect is cumulative, it seems, and may take some 
time after being warm to actually degrade the activity level. See 
what happens with the new bottle, I think you'll be pleasantly

 At lunch time
> today, I will be changing her syringe and putting fresh insulin in from
> a NEW bottle.  Also, to add another variable to the equation, she has a
> bad cough and raspy voice.  Usually, we don't see THIS much change in
> sugars due to a cold or cough though.  So, I guess what I am saying is,
> what are the chances that Humalog is no longer good?  When it breaks
> down, do you see wildly swinging sugars?  PLEASE tell me you do!!

It degrades to a lower activity level. Since she's young it's probable
that the wildly swinging levels are directly tied to the lower activity 

> The hardest thing about all this, is Erica is worried now that her body
> is not working right and she might have to give up the pump.  Last
> night, I cuddled with her in bed and she was worried about the new
> site.  Would it work okay?  What was wrong with her?  

Tell her it isn't HER, it's just something unexpected that happened to
the Humalog. Unfortunately some things are only learned by having
and solving them!

> Like I said, I am throwing out the old insulin today, and putting in a
> new syringe.  

You may want to keep the old bottle and send it to Lilly for
Seems to me they wanted to see when Humalog broke down so they can
what to do about it. Not sure, just seems there was a discussion about 
that some time ago.

I guess I just need someone to tell me that they had the
> same problem, that it isn't uncommon.  After virtual bliss for the first
> 50 days or so, this is a real slap in the face.  She is back to feeling
> yucky and I can't stand to see that after getting my little girl back
> after 7 years of tradtitional therapy.  I am REALLY praying that this is
> a 'bad insulin' problem and NOT a sensitivity issue.  

Since you did have it unrefrigerated sometimes I'm fairly sure that's
problem. I used to have all kinds of problems with Humalog going weak on 
me, and have been mixing uit with R in a 5 to 1 ratio since I read about 
it here. Seems to work like a charm, but it STILL requires good 
refrigeration of Humalog except when loading the syringe.

> Barb..... who will have to walk around the house for the next day with
> her fingers and legs crossed (should be interesting), hoping the insulin
> change will be an easy answer to this one.   If not, well, the next
> question will be "How do you mix insulin"?

I just pull 20 units of Regular into he syringe, then 100 of Humalog, 
after preloading both bottles with air equal to the doses pulled. Roll
the syringe around with a air bubble in it before pushing the air out
(not in a vial, just in the open) and connecting the hose, etc. Not 
really hard, and it may well save her trouble during the warmer summer
months anyway, since heat seems to be the culprit. Of course her method
may need to be different if she uses less insulin.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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