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[IP] Re: [IPa] Mason

>> He claims that he has had experience on HP systems. He says he 
> Unix and writes Perl and HTML. So, if he really wants to really help
> IP, then he should have no problems writing a search engine that is
> hosted here. Right? Otherwise, he is in this totally for his own
> benefit.

All I asked him to do was set up the config files for Swish-e.
thats about a 2-3 hour job including reading the documentation. 
Swish-e is a GPL'd search engine used all over the internet that is 
super powerful. Based on what he wrote me, he doesn't know what it is 
even though I sent him the document URL. He clearly never even looked 
once. Haven't heard from him other than to acknowledge the message I 
sent telling him I had forwarded his request to the admin's. 

I'll probably set the search engine up in my "spare" time over the 
next few weeks.

I haven't got the energy to monitor a loose cannon, I'd just as soon 
forget this guy.

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