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Re: [IP] Re: Frozen Shoulder

> Hi Keith,
> Could you tell me what frozen shoulder feels like and what you did
> to correct it.  At times, my arm pains to reach, especially over my
> head.  Could this be something like frozen shoulder, or is it only
> in the shoulder?

Frozen sholder is a reduced range of motion due to scar tissue in the 
socket of the shouder impeding motion. Yes, it hurts and the 
natural reaction is to not stretch/reach which is exactly 
what you need to do. Physical therapy and possibly a cortizone 
injection will relieve and usually eliminate the problem, but not 
without some pain and suffering if you let it go to long. You must 
exercise and stretch the joint (not load it) to break up the 
adhesion. The exercise regimen is fairly easy although a little 
complex. See your doc/physical therapist.

Been there, done that, both shoulders.

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