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Sorry for the length of this post.  I just wanted to share the bad experience I
had this morning.  

Last night I went to bed and everything was fine.  My bg was 78 (within my range
of 60-90 please don't email me telling me it was too low).  At 3 AM I got up and
checked my bg again it was 92.  Elevated some but not bad, I don't start
correcting until it gets over 120.  I didn't check my pump then I was too
tired.  This morning when I got up my bg was 128 so I was going to bolus for the
high and breakfast.  My screen was blank.  I thought maybe it was the
batteries.  I had changed them 3 weeks prior and didn't hear the alarm then so I
figured I hadn't heard it now either.  (It didn't show a low battery before
going to bed)  So I changed the batteries and nothing happened.  My husband
asked if they were in wrong and so I checked.  They were in correctly so I
called the 24 hour help line.  The woman told me to change the batteries which I
told her we had.  (The batteries felt hot after taking them out.)  She proceeded
to tell us that we inserted them wrong.  I checked yet again and told her no
they were correct.  My husband then took the batteries and redid them along with
taking the phone (He is an engineer I would think he could replace batteries
correctly) He explained to her that in fact the batteries were in correctly and
that the pump had to have some sort of short or something (technical stuff goes
here).  She proceeded to tell him he had the batteries in wrong too.  He handed
the phone back to me.    We tried it once more this time with New batteries
(purchased else where).  She told me to clean the batteries and holder with
alcohol and then reinsert them and try yet again.  I did that with the same
results.  She then told me I don't know It has to be the batteries either they
were bad or incorrectly installed. I told her I would have my trainer come out
and change the batteries since I was such an idiot that I couldn't change 3
batteries and then she could tell the trainer what a moron she is too when it
didn't work for her.  She told me that it could be static so leave it alone for
2 hours and she would call me back and see if it was working, but that it could
take longer (better part of the day) I told her I have a flight to catch
tomorrow at Noon and really didn't want to leave town on injections of humalog. 
She said if it was a defective pump she would send me another one out Fedex for
tomorrow.  We hung up.  I immediately called my trainer and explained things to
her.  She was irate and told me to call the office and talk to her boss. (Pump
trainer is PT and was at her other job) She thought something must be wrong with
the pump because I never got a low battery alarm and it shouldn't run down that
fast. If I needed her to she would bring me her loaner but that she wanted them
to know the treatment we had received. She also said she would call and check on
me in a little while (which she did).  I called the office (local rep) and they
were really helpful,  they sent someone out with another pump and checked to see
that indeed we did have the batteries in correctly and that the pump was getting
warm along with the batteries.  This person told me that she would be talking to
the original person that I had talked to and explain that the pump did indeed
have a problem and that I was to get a NEW not refurbished pump.  I later got a
call from the original lady who told me that "I'm sorry for the experience you
had this morning, we will be sending you a new pump via Fedex to arrive by 10:30
in the morning".  To me this isn't really an apology.  The person from the local
office called to make sure I had been notified by this person that a pump was on
the way and asked if she apologized, I related the apology to her.  She said she
would talk to her boss regarding it.  

Everyone locally was very apologetic and helpful.  The matter should be resolved
in the morning.  They are puzzled about the pump reacting in this manner.  I
just wanted to share this so if it happened to someone else they would be

Has anyone had there pump to act in such a manner? 

Again sorry for the long post
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