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Re: [IP] Adhesive Reactions! :(

Katie Black wrote:
> My son has found that he must use the silhouette or comfort set, with no
> tape and no prep...then he doesn't get the reactions. Also, changing every
> 2-3 days helps. He was allergic to all the tapes, and the backing on the
> comfort sets.  The adhesive on the comfort set works just fine all by
> itself.    Good Luck

I've been leaving them in for 3 days. The last one, that I reacted to,
was only in for 2 days -- had gotten itchy on the first day, but I was
toughing it out (dumb!!).

At this point, most of the area that was under the dressing is red and
swollen and itchy. :(

I called the pharmacy, and they're sending me something called
Bioclusive (?)
which they say is VERY expensive, but hypoallergenic. 

The problem with the Tegaderm was that I didn't react to it the first 3
or 4 times I used it -- apparently an allergy takes time to develop. I
hope I don't develop an allergy to the new one!

Has anyone ever had to stop pumping because of skin allergies? That's
what I'm REALLY worried about!!!!

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