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Re: [IP] Not as Puzzled....thanks/High BG

Barb and all,  I have had an interesting experience with high bgs also.  My 
bgs went to about 250 and I could NOT get them down.  At first, I changed the 
tender--still high.  I then changed everything(insulin, tubing,tender)--still 
high.  I upped my basal rate over several days from close to 14 to 19 units 
of Humalog/day.  This was a huge increase for me, but my bg was still at 200. 
 I thought infection, but no.  Finally, I got out a new bottle of insulin and 
presto, my bgs came down.  Bad insulin?  It seemed to indicate that, but I 
wasn't sure.  I asked the pharmacist if they could test the insulin to see if 
it was good or bad.  They can't.  They gave me a new bottle.  Wouldn't you 
think that CVS would have some scientist-type working for them that could 
test whether an insulin was bad or not?  There could be a bad lot # or 
something.  Anyway, I really wanted to know.  I usually increase my basal 0.1 
around the clock one week before my period, but this was such a big increase 
compared to that.  I'm still puzzled, but hope that maybe the insulin was no 
good.  I got consistently high readings.  I did not fluctuate.  ellen
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