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Re: [IP] Convincing the endo!

Educate yourself with all the information you can find, both pros and cons. Find
out why your doctor feels the way he does about the pump and start from there. 
If you can show him you have done the research and know the risk he should be
more willing to put you on the pump.  It could be just a lack of education on
the doctors part.

Good Luck

> At 08:51 AM 5/18/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>  >Hi everyone!  I have an apt. with my endo on the 3rd of June.  I desperately
>  >want to get started on the pump!  Does anyone have any ideas on the best way
>  >to "present my case"?  He seems like he's kind of "on the fence" in
> regard to
>  >pumping.  My sugars, after 15 years have really started to go haywire, with
>  >many dangerous lows and also trouble with high highs.  I believe most of my
>  >problems are from the long acting insulin.   I've cut way down on my
> dosages,
>  >but am still all over the place.  I have been on this list for 3 weeks and
>  >have done much research and am very sure that I want to give this a
> try!  Any
>  >ideas on persuasiveness????  Thanks in advance!  : )
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