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[IP] Pump bumps

Last set change (now been 2.5 days), I had a fairly large, extremely hard 
peeble like bump from where the set had been.  2.5 days later, it is 
still rock hard, not as tender, but not attractive nonetheless.  Is this 
a humalog thing, hypertrophy, what is it????  I do not want these bumps 
to cover my entire body (which if it continues they soon will).  I'll let 
you know after tonight's set change whether I have another one or not :(

Speaking of which - supplies originally shipped to wrong address, finally 
shipped here, but they sent the wrong type of set... they sent them out 
again but they *still* haven't arrived (waiting on a call back for a 
gtracking number).  I have ONE SIL in my possession and I've never 
inserted one before... how's that for pressure?  (THANKFULLY, I met a 
woman who uses sils whos lives near me and offered to coach me for this 
first one... I am sure she'll have an extra one to lend me if needed, but 
I am so exasperated/frustrated/want to scream!)  Pray for me :)

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