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Re: [IP] trigger fingers?

At 04:38 AM 5/19/1999  The Verreault's wrote:
 >Thanks to everyone who replied.  Sam, you say that it is apparently more
 >prevalent in diabetics, so would it be considered a complication of high
 >BG's?  One of the symptoms my son had prior to diagnosis was leg cramps.
 >After diagnosis I learned that leg cramps could be a result of high BG's.
 >I'm wondering if trigger finger could be a sign of high BG's?

I don't know if better control would specifically reduce the incidence of 
trigger finger or not. But, better control, obviously can't hurt because 
it's "supposed" to reduce the odds of serious complications in general (YMMV).

Since the statements about certain conditions being more prevalent in 
diabetics are based on statistical studies, it's hard to tell exactly what 
is being measured (type1? type2? bad control? good control? other 
conditions?) So, who knows, unless you've examined the specifics of the 


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