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Re: [IP] Insurance

I'm not Ted, but I can give you an answer:

1).  You would have the option of paying for a cobra until the new policy kicked
in.  This can get expensive but it is a great idea since as long as you are
continuously insured, you are much much much much much more insurable.  If you
have no coverage for more than a month or two, it becomes even harder to get
insurance than it already is.

2).  It would depend on his new policy.  Some employers have waiting periods,
some require you to pay part of the premiums.  The size of the company will have
a huge effect on this.  We found that companies that employ over 150 people are
generally overall safe bets:  you will pretty much be covered unconditionally
like everyone else.  There may be a one month waiting period but those seem to
be disappearing in the last year or so.  Your co pays and deductibles will
probably be reasonable.  Medium sized companies (50-150 employees or so) vary
but they generally will provide you with the basically the same coverage as
others get.  You may have as long as a year before they will cover pre existing
expenses (so, they would cover an emergency room visit for a broken leg, but not
test strips or insulin in that first year).  You may have a waiting period of
anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, you may have higher deductibles and copays.
Once in a while they don't cover prescriptions.  Usually, though, they do cover
the basics and you are guaranteed them.  Small employers are the hardest.  These
policies often have to renegotiated at the next "period" or year when they hire
someone high risk so often the company sees their rates go way up because of you
and this may effect the entire company's co-pays, deductibles and terms of
coverage.  They are more likely to have shared premiums, large deductibles, high
co-pays and limited terms of coverage ang these are more likely to change more
often (usually every two years or so).  They vary widely so with employers like
these you have to check and keep rechecking.  If a company has less than 25
employees they can deny you coverage.  Most places try to be humane.  You can
see why this is not only difficult for you but for them.  We also discovered
that one solution a number of companies used was to have the employees sign
individual policy contracts with a single insurer (Kaiser for instance).  The
company then pays the cost of their policies.  The problem with this is that
Kaiser (or whoever) can still deny you on the terms they deny any individual and
diabetes (and a whole long list of others) all qualify.

Hope that helps.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Ted,
> I have a question on the insurance issue.  I'm presently covered by my
> husband's health insurance.  What would happen if he lost his job, started a
> new one?  Would I have a problem being covered on a new policy?
> Fran
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