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Re: [IP] allergic reation and bad bg's

Your allergic reaction plus the steroids are 2 factors right there that can
make your BGs go haywire. One things settle down they will come back into
your normal range. Increasing you basals on temp basis sounds like a good
idea if you continue to run really high.
But it sounds like within a few days things will resume back to normal for
Steriods really  play havoc with BGs.

At 10:32 AM 5/19/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Early yesterday morning I took a shower with a new shower gel and loofah
>sponge. Afterwards I started getting welts and in the end had to go to
>the ER.  I was given Benadryl, a steroid and Zantac.  Before I went to
>the ER my bg was 87 and when I retuned home at 3 am it was 113.  At 5 am
>I woke sweating profusely but was so knocked out I didn't check the bg.
>At 10 am I was 194 and bolused for a high and ate even though I thought
>maybe I should wait.  I was starved.  At lunchtime I was 287 I bolused
>and ate nothing I continued bolusing every 3 hrs though the afternoon.
>At 7pm I was 143 bolused again for the high and for supper hoping all
>would be better.  At 11pm I was 339.  So last night every 3 hrs I
>bolused. Boy am I exhausted.  This am I was 129 and 2 hrs pp I was 159.
>By the way Yesterday I did change the sight because of the high's and
>the fact that I had welts on the site also. My question is is this the
>drugs affecting me like this and when will the normal sugars come back.
>My doctor was puzzeled and suggested raising my basals permanantly
>because maybe my needs are now diiferent but I am hesitant to do that.
>     Also to those out there talking about trigger finger I was just
>diagnosed with it in my right middle finger, and guess what the doctor
>talked of steroids to treat it. If this is what happens with my bg's I
>say no way I'd rather suffer or even endure the surgery. Sheila
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